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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

On Valentine's

I found myself asking me what can I do with two pair of gloves?  
 luckily on clearance! 

 Some leftover felt?

 Some thread?

 A needle perhaps?

 And a heart template?

Any guesses??

A pair of heart gloves to make a girl
...or two happy.  One pair went to Sophia and the
second pair will go to my niece.
I am not really big on Valentine's Day as I told my friend Priya 
a kiss on each check muah muah and life goes on...
Besides...I won't see my Valentine until Wednesday.
(by the way check out priya's love bytes)
I tell my husband and my kids that I love them everyday, 
but a little something that will put a smile on the girl's face
is a good idea.

Xavi will be happy with some chocolate!

 Sophia loved her pair.

 And since my niece wasn't here for the photo session, 
Xavi served as my model for the second pair

Today will be a very busy Valentine's Day.  
I got some chores on my agenda:
Xavi is off school at 11:30
Dentist appointment at 12:00
(the little brat has some cavities that need to be taken care of)
Sophia is off School at 2:04
Tae kwon do practice at 3:15
(more on Tae kwon do soon)

Since it's Valentine's day Xavi can bring family and friends to
join him on the class today.
Sophia, my niece and nephew will join Xavi.
Me?, no thanks I will have to pass on that one.

I will enjoy a whole hour where I can just sit and relax
because the evening won't be over yet.

Happy Valentine's Day my friends!!


  1. Claudia, these are amazing!!!
    And isn't nice to give something, not only to expect on Valentines day?
    xo xo

  2. they turned out really well...LOVE THEM! Happy valentine's day to you too :)

  3. That is such a creative idea! I'm sure the girls loved those little heart gloves. And why not make something special for them. Valentine's can be to show extra love to everyone!

  4. What a cute idea Claudia! Very creative and you can't beat the cost!


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