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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

January's winner from moncy3

The month of January went by so quickly!  Do you remember when you were a kid and it took forever for your Birthday to come??  I do!  Now, for me it's like oh no!!  another Birthday :/

Also, last week I was very busy.  I feel sometimes like I do a lot but accomplish very little :(
Last week I myself had a dental emergency.  Can you believe I bit a fork while eating?  Have you ever done that?  It hurts a LOT!!  I immediately knew something was wrong...yup my tooth chipped right in one corner and has a small fracture in the form of a line :( NO BUENO   I was on the down side.  Thank goodness it's nothing noticeable but something I really need to take care of if I don't want it to fracture more and break in one thousand pieces :(  Claudia, welcome to the forties.  I do have a dentist appointment scheduled for this month which translates into $450 oh well...

Anyways, we picked the moncy3 winner for the month of January.  I do it every first of the month and talking about birthdays it so happened that February 1st was her Birthday.  What a surprise for her!  I made her day with the news and she made mine with the surprise!   Happy Birthday to:

esmelouw from South Africa

and this set was her free choice!

These are the two artist featured this past month!



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  1. Claudia cuándo fue tu cumpleaños. Felicidades. Este año yo cumplo 39.

    Oye lo de tu diente ... es-pan-to-so y lo del dinero ni se diga, me daría pesadillas.
    Acá no es tan caro. Yo tuve una endodoncia y la pagué en partes, pero aun sí creo que fue 120, no recuerdo bien. En fin, que mi hermano cada vez que va al Perú aprovecha y se hace todo allá, claro lo tuyo fue emergencia. aayyyyyyyy lo siento.

  2. Belo trabalho...Espectacular....

  3. Congrats to the winner! And I hope your tooth is alright. I'm not of fan of when I bite into things that I'm not supposed to.

  4. I hope your tooth gets fixed up easily! Aging is no fun. I will be 38 in a couple of months so I am close to the big 4-0!!! Congratulations and happy birthday to the winner.


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