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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy First of February!

love letters photo

I mainly love this month because it is short!  Although this is a leap year and February has 29 days it still it's the shortest month!  We celebrate two presidents Birthdays and the kids have a whole week off school.  Could I ask for more, maybe but I don't dare!

Of course Valentine's day in the middle of the 
month makes it fun also!

I read this on a magazine and thought I would do a survey here
to find out a bit more about you!

Which one of these would you like receive?
1. Box of chocolates
2. Homemade meal
3. Dozen roses
4. Love letter

My answer is this:

As tempting as is it a box of chocolates!  No thank you. I know me and although I'd share I have no self control and I would eat more chocolate than I need and they will go straight to my love handles :( 

A homemade meal sounds great!  I am the cook in my house.  Do you know what it is to cook for 4 and sometimes 5 people?  But knowing me and if my husband starts cooking for me I would want to step in the kitchen and start helping...that's not the point!

A dozen roses sounds lovely, I don't get flowers on a daily basis but I certainly am excited when I get them.

My first choice would be a love letter. Relationships are not that easy.  We always have our ups and downs, and sometimes it is hard to express feelings even though everyday we say to each other "I love you" I think writing can help with the flow of feelings. I would love to read a love letter decades from now!  So far I have saved a lot of love notes from all family members.

So which one would you choose?

I started a survey on the top left, if you would like to answer it.
It will be there until the 29 of February and we will see the results.  I voted already!


  1. Nice post! I would choose all of them, no question!!! But if I have to, then the last fits me... When chocolate is gone, and food is eaten, the flowers start fading, at least I can save something for a looooong time ;)

  2. Oh Claudia my friend , thats exactly what I wrote about today ..My first love byte is about expressions - little everyday things that go a long way because as nice as words are , they can never be substituted by an act of love and vice versa ..

  3. Claudia!! The giveaway is for all U.S Residents!! :D You are entered, why did you think that only New York residents?

    Love you!

    1. there were a couple of comments that said they were not in NY, but then yay! I am in!! I love you back!

    2. I texted one of the girls and explained :D
      Yay!!! Good luck to you love!

  4. I actually would go for the roses. My boyfriend is really good about expressing his feelings towards me and he already cooks for me (he is Mr. Perfect in my eyes). The chocolates are a big no thank you for me because I will eat the box in 1 day and then feel really ill.

    1. So happy to hear your answer and the explanation. He does sound like Mr. Perfect :)


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