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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Family fun

Me and family started the weekend filled with lots of excitement and fun.

Starting with Friday evening with Xavi's belt pomotion test.  I think I was more nervous that him.  He had to know besides all the moves, skills and breaking technique his family's birthdates, home phone number and address. I am happy to report that things went well.  Today we will go to his class and a ceremony will be held and he will receive his new yellow belt, certificate and trophy.  This will also be his last class and of course he knows it.  Fees are a bit too expensive for us and his ninja career will be cut short (this is a joke of course!)  He is fine with this decision.  I do have to say that if we had the opportunity we'd keep him in the program because he did so good.  His physical ability grew immensely, also his attitude and maturity. 

Here is a short video where he breaks two boards, he did it on the first try!  yay!! I am so proud of my little man!

Following with the fun, on  Saturday morning we headed to Six Flags Magic Mountain a roller coaster park in Los Angeles only 1 1/2 hours away from us.  There are several in the US Have you ever been to one?  My husband went when he was a teenager and so did I.  I went there on several occasions with family and friends  yes, friends you know when 30 or so people fit into two mini vans and the only purpose is to have fun with your friends and stay close to the boy you're fixing your eye upon at the time.

Well this time it was totally a different experience for me.  Javier my husband and Valeria... well mainly her wanted to go on the maximum thrill rides so obviously he had to go with her.  Sophia was caught like in the middle being a thrill seeker in training the poor thing was going back and forth between them and me and Xavi who spent most of the day on the pint size rides in Bugs Bunny World.  I had the most fun watching my little boy having fun on the kiddie roller coasters.

Do you spot him??


  1. Hi Claudia - how are you - great shots by the way in this post. I wanted to stop by and say thanks for your nice comments on my post about "Not my usual post" ... it is really appreciated to know you guys are out there|!|

  2. claudia~ he is so adorably cute! can i borrow him? haha

    1. lufti, yes you may borrow him but I warn you he is a mama's boy! lol!!


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