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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Happy Mail

This whole past week my kids had the whole week off school.  It was nice not having to wake them up early.  I know they enjoyed it, we spent three whole days in San Diego at my mom's and on Thursday I got my tooth fixed.  Then on Saturday we went to my sister's baby shower!  The new baby will be here soon and I cannot wait to meet her.  I love the smell of newborns.

These are some letters that were sent and received lately!


A Birthday card to my brother the fisherman!  My baby brother turned 38!!

 A hello card to Cathy in Canada.

 A Birthday card to Priya.

This handmade get well card to Kathya in Australia

which also served the purpose of a Birthday card!

A Birthday card to my tia (aunt) Lucila in Oregon who shares a B-day with my daughter Sophia.

A handmade Birthday card to Sweet Gracie in Australia.

 A handmade Valentine's card to Ruth from a swap from the Happy Mail project.

A postcard headed to Kansas.


Incoming postcard from Lori in Kansas.

Also from Lori in Kansas

 Received from Gracie in Australia

 Received from Russia.

Now tell me has your mail box been happy lately??


  1. I keep telling to myself, that I should learn from you and start writing (at least post cards) instead of e-mailing... There is something so much more in the hand written message than in long e-mail ;) Great job you do, Claudia!

  2. Everything is so sweet! I LOVE the card you guys made for your brother with the labeled thumbprints! It is sure to make him smile big!

    I am so happy to hear you are wearing the earrings. :)


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