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Friday, February 10, 2012

Morning Laughs...On Friendship

On Tuesday of this week I picked up Xavi from school 
and he seemed sad and heartbroken.
You see he told me his best Friend Ruben had found a new friend.  
I told him that all three of them could be friends.  He came home desperate and wanted to write a note to Ruben 
(I really thought that was cute, he can barely write 
and Ruben can barely read!!)  
He wanted me to also write a note to
Ruben's mom so we adults fixed the friendship.  
I explained to him that there was no need for a note and that he could talk to Ruben, tell him how he was feeling and
all three of them could be friends.  I saved the note.

Here it is.  He phonetically wrote:  
"if you want to be my friend".  
I am very proud of him for a kindergartener that did not know his ABC's back in August he is pretty good.

So the next morning he was rushing to go to school.  This time he didn't wait for his sister and zoomed through the gate as he had some business to do.  After I picked him up I asked if he had fixed his friendship with Ruben and his new friend and he said yes.  All three boys were friends now.
And it so happened that when we picked up Sophia from school (she is out at a later time)  She started talking about her friend Bailey having a new friend, and not being Sophia's bff  basically the same third wheel situation.  I started the talk again:  talk to Bailey about the three of you being friends blah blah blah...and bluntly Xavi interrupted me and said:

Just do it like I did:
make funny faces and they 
both will like you and be your friends!!!
so that's how he did it
(the little clown, I can totally see him)

A friendship can so easily be mended.
I have a very special bff with whom I shared good,
bad and some very special moments 
I don't see her often.
But when we are in contact we can laugh and cry as if it was yesterday and not a day has passed!
Friends are forever.

Happy Friday and enjoy your friends!


  1. This is the cutest post! Children are so funny when they are making new friendships. :)

  2. Claudia, have to tell you that I still have that bug which doesn't let me comment on your blog. Which drive me totally crazy, because I have to get away from my computer to laptop or ipad to conect with your blog... Sigh...
    But IƦll try to make a silly face, maybe that would help? 8oD

  3. Que bonito. It's so cute when your little and you start making new friends! Xavi is so cute and I love the way he handled the situation! Yes! Silly faces are always a plus! I know, they work with Humbe :p


  4. This is so precious :) Friendships are so important so if they can be fixed I think it should be done.

    P.S. I have an Australian accent :)

  5. This is the CUTEST post ever!! Xavi's card is precious. I could totally read what he was writing before your translation :) Your little one is so smart! :) We can learn so much from children :) It's true, we should be more careful in keeping dear friendships in tact :)


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