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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What to buy on a Wednesday...White as Snow

This is my Backyard.  The San Jacinto Mountains.
We don't get snow here in Hemet
but I get to enjoy the view!

For this Wednesday I though I searched for pretty things that matched the white snow...

Snow White Organza Flowers by milkysupplies

modern numbers clock white by uncommon

Snow girl white cotton dress by designbyne2010

Viola in Innocence White by SimplyChacha

Georgia Peaches and Cream Goat's Milk and Honey Body Cream by ArtisanSoapSpa

Snow Blossom Kanzashi Flower Bobby Pins by PetalMix



  1. This is gorgeous!!
    I love it, thank you so much for featuring me :))


  2. Lovely finds and lovely inspiration. I have to say I'd enjoy snow much, much more if I could just see it looking majestic in the distance. The reality of being--and driving--in the snow is a whole different situation.

  3. Got that right my Dear! I love just 'enjoying' the view!!

  4. Precioso el vestido blando. Te deje la respuesta en mi blog.

  5. your view reminds me so much of mine in el paso... it's magical watching the sunrise with the mountains as our backdrop.

    i love your white inspired list.

  6. And what a beautiful view it is :) Hay mi Mexico lindo *sigh* How I miss it!!

    All the snow inspired items - beautiful -


  7. Thank you so much for including my whipped body cream. Simply beautiful :)

  8. Such a pretty collection, thank you so much for including me!


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