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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What to buy on a Wednesday...Spring Chicks

I was at my mom's this past Saturday.  She lives in San Diego and she has a mad love for canary birds
...she has lots of them and was telling me that the female canaries 
have spring fever and are building their nests 
some of them have laid eggs already and are
completely dedicated to nesting the eggs.  So pretty soon she will have her hands full
caring for all those new moms and their offspring!
When we were kids my mom had chickens and the chicks were so cute!
I loved holding them in my hand
just like in the first picture.
I spent some time on etsy looking for the cutest chicks 
I could find...and here are my picks!

What do you think about these Two Woolie Chicks in a wagon?...Cute right??  by WhimsicalWoolies

Or how about these Three Spring Chicks??  by pengulosh  that little chick has to sisters to watch over her!

Or these whimsical Easter Parade Chicks all dolled up? by TheBakersDaughter

I found these lovely Chicks and Mother hen magnets by CrowBiz ...nothing like a mother's love!

Don't you just love these tiny chicks on this Vintage Gift Tag by greenridge?

And last but not least...this one really 'cracked me up' The impatient Fine Print
 by JulienDenoyer  ...the chick??  no where to be seen!!

So I leave you with this chick poem.

Peck, peck, peck
On the warm, brown egg.
Out comes a neck
Out comes a leg.
How does a chick,
Who's not been about,
Discover the trick
Of how to get out?
Aileen Fisher


  1. What adorable chick items! I love 2 chicks in the wagon. They are too cute for words! ~Val

  2. Thank you so much for showing my Easter Parade Chicks - all your choices are wonderful and whimsical (I adore Julien's print of the impatient chick!!!)

  3. so cute! baby chicks are so adorable..and perfect timing with easter & spring not far away!

  4. Oh que divertido baby chicks!!! Love it!! I love the last one :)

    Yay for Spring being around the corner ;P



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