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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Special Poem.

pretty in pink fine photography print by GrabielleKai
You smell like roses you're the
one for me
you're my girl
sweetest peep.
You're my mommy
you're the girl
I appreciate you
even more.
Mommy mommy
Sweetest one.
You're the kindest 
you're the one!

poem written by my 9 yr. old daughter Sophia


  1. Beautiful ..and it got me teary eyed ..
    Made my day ..def the best thing to start my morning with ..
    Big hugs to Sophie from her tia for writing this ..<3 <3

  2. oh how PRECIOUS!!! even at 27, me and my twin will still fight over getting my "mom's side" of the bed when we're at our parent's house and would take naps during lunch or after work. why? because she always smelt of perfume -- always so pretty.

    mom's are so special and the best. i can't wait to be one one day, and this poem by your sweet daughter makes me ache even more.

    ps. THANK YOU for my sweet birthday wishes that i got ON my birthday! i adore you and have something to send your way-- soon i promise! xo

  3. SOOOOO precious!! What a beautiful poem your daughter wrote for you :) I can imagine the joy reading this gave you. The same joy you gave me with your sweet birthday card that arrived on my birthday! Such a nice surprise Claudia :) Thank you soooo much for being so thoughtful! Means so much to me that you asked Kary for my address so that it could be a surprise :) Thanks for making my birthday extra special! xoxo

  4. This poem made me teary, you are SO dear to me mi amiga I can imagine how important you are to Sophie! You are the best and a wonderful mom!!! Tell Sophie she is SO bright and such a wonderful daughter ;) Sophie tan linday Dulce!!! You my friend are loved by many ;) Ahhhh!! I just signed up for that giveaway and am hoping we win it ;) You are Too sweet!!!! Love you lots Clau xoxo


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