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Thursday, March 3, 2011

February's winner from moncy3

Well March is here!  Actually it's been here already for three days right?? 
But so happy that Spring is just around the corner.  
This past month of February moncy3 the shop 
did very well, very well indeed 28 items sold!
For every item purchased your name goes into a monthly drawing 
and the winner gets to pick any one item in stock in my shop for free!
And the time came to pick the winner,
and her etsy username is
**Delicate Treasures*
from  Circleville, OH

and this his her choice of free item!

Vintage Sears Catalog envelopes

what would have been your choice of item my friend??


  1. I have a weakness for these classic stories.


    I also like the mini envelopes, the black & white flowery stickers, the ballet stationary the list really goes on and I. I just need to buy something, soon! :)

  2. oooohhh!!! congratulations on the 28 items sold in the month of feb! that's a great sale :)


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