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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Fill in the blanks...I confuse

You can be as silly or serious as you want!  one word, a sentence or a paragraph if you'd like!  I thought this would be fun.

I confuse...
I confuse the spelling of stationery and stationary.  I need to look it up every time I write it...I always forget.  I should know it.  I make pretty stationery

Stationary is an adjective that means "not moving."
Stationery is a noun that means "writing paper and envelopes."


  1. Hey I didn't know you could get prescribed sunflower seeds ;)

    Hay the English language can be somewhat confusing!

    love you xo

  2. Sunflowers seeds cure all my sickness!

  3. i confuse...

    for the longest time i always spelt "sandwich" like "sandwhich" -- my husband still laughs at me for it :) but secretly thinks it's endearing.

  4. Our language is so confusing! I never write stationary or stationery so I never thought about this one. If I have to use either in the future, I will definately be looking it up! ~Val

  5. Pues si tu te confundes, qué me dirás a mi, que mi inglés es malo malo, leo un poco, pero luego de hablar nada de nada.

  6. i confuse left and right all the time!!!

    how sad is it, huh? my hubby will be driving and i will be giving directions and i would tell him to take a left when i really meant for him to take a right!

  7. Left and right...yeah I understand that. How about in Spanish derecho (straight) derecha (right) lol!

  8. I love this post! I look the same words up all the time, lol! Oh and I luv sunflower seeds too! :)

  9. LOL about your seeds! This post made up my day!


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