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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Happy Mail

I'd like to share some more of the wonderful experience of Postcrossing...
my mailbox is getting happier everyday! 


Postcard sent to Russia

Postcard sent to China

 A set of Birthday Cards made by truly yours to 
Dear Micaela from Dolce Vita
and her twin sister
Sweet Marz from Royal Mail

This cute dog was sent to Netherlands to an 11 yr old boy and I 
loved it that he loved the dog and thanked me very much for it!

 A get well card for my older brother who had an elbow surgery.
I love making Cards with our thumbprints to show our personalities! 
Now personalities change from time to time ;)

This one didn't go on the mail but I'd like to share it with you!
It's a B-Day card for Valeria my stepdaughter who turned 15!!

 Postcard full of Roses sent to USA

Pretty postcard that I received from Ukraine

This other lovely one from  Ontario!

Beautiful postcard received from Poland from the nicest 14 yr. old girl!  I wish Sophia would one day join postcrossing!

Postcard received from Russia, sender says winter over there are -35 C
don't know what that translates into F degrees but negative to me sounds pretty cold!!

This one is from the same lady from Ontario!  She just forgot she had sent me one
...and sent another one my way!  Bless her heart!!

Xavi loved this card, he stares at it nonstop.  It's from Kent Ohio.
Xavi asked me 'mom you can I can do this?' (he was talking about skiing) 
I answered yes of course...he said but I am not good at it
I tried it when I was a baby and I wasn't good at it!
We gotta go skiing when he gets older!

My Beautiful friend Priya from 'My Reflections' sent me this beautiful puppy card!  

 A letter from my penpal Maria and Love card from my good friend Kary
Apologies sent to Kary as I didn't snap pictures of all
the lovely goodies she sent my way...lots of great goodies!

 Lovely package from Dear Micaela

Is your mail box happy??


  1. i'm so happy your mail box is happy, because you certainly have made mine happy!!! :) isn't the hand cream wonderful? of course, i hope you don't suffer from really dry hands like me!

    i love postcrossing! such a fun idea no? i adore the story of the dog postcard... of course ;)

    i should send you a postcard of one of my collaged collections!


  2. The hand cream is wonderful Dear Micaela! If you do send the postcard my mail box can be happier! xoxo

  3. I need to join post crossing. :0

  4. You should Leandra! It's fun having happy mail!

  5. And how do you start that game? I'd love too!!! P.S. the card with a tumbprint people is a BOMB!! Such a creativity :)))

  6. siga just register at www.postcrossing.com you send a postcard and then receive one in return!

  7. Recibes muchas cartas. Qué lindo.


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