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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What to Buy on a Wednesday...dedicated to my mom

This Wednesday I will dedicate this post to my mom.
She has the most beautiful maiden name...
my daughter Sophia wishes she had it.
I picked some beautiful etsy items
to make it easy for you to find out 
what the precious last name is...
 It's included in all of the following titles.
See if you can guess!

Jardin de Flores by PaintingsPrints

Campo de Flores by latienditadelmix

Flores de Verano by Eyepopart

Cute Flores by Kooljewelry

Fiesta Flores by llamawareart

 Rojo Flores by chiecarrol

La cancion Flores by jennifermorrisbeads

Flores de mi Madre by amandadime

Did you have a hard time figuring it out??

Yes, you guessed my mom's maiden name is


...and she does have the green thumb
and a precious jardin de flores.


  1. What a perfect name!!! I'm jealous! I love the items you selected, especially Jardin de Flores. Beautiful painting! ~Val

  2. Hi, thanks for include my "Campo de flores" in your fresh and beautiful post...I wish I could have a green thumb too... :'(

  3. Beautiful!!! What a great tribute to your madre'. :)

  4. Thank you Miss Val and ladydazy!

    @latienditadelmix...I cry too :( because no green thumb for me!

  5. I love your mom's maiden name!! Flores is beautiful :) And guess what my sister's boyfriends last name is Flores :)


  6. this is sooo precious!!! my best friend's maiden name as well :)

    i love love love how close your family is :)

  7. Ah! Now I love it some more girls!

  8. flores is one of my favorite names and things in the world! thank you so much for including my earrings in your beautiful collection!


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