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Friday, May 31, 2013

Off to Summer

I took this picture Monday morning.  Xavi was on his pj's because it was pajama day.  I truly hope the neighbors didn't see me setting the timer and telling the kids 'I don't want to photograph faces, I want only our backs, don't pose and act normal...' They probably don't have a blog so they don't understand.

Today is the last day of school and marks the beginning of summer break...10 weeks yay and wow!  We really don't have big plans for this Summer.  Unfortunately we don't have money to travel the world and the 7 seas.  But we do have a free schedule and I plan go to San Diego America's finest city and visit my mom often. As every summer I  schedule doctor's and dentist's appointments  :/  The kids like visiting the Public Library, but besides that it is really hard to get them out of the house unless they get out something out of it.   So I already know that my trips to thrift shops will be limited during the summer.  

I am planning to let loose and schedule a few pajama and movie days (you know that is out of my comfort zone), the kids don't complain about that one.  I plan to tackle my bike.  I am too planning a giveaway in this little blog of mine.  I want to wear my camera this Summer and take more pictures and possibly make a slide show (confession I want to be in the pictures :/)  Lastly regarding my shops of course I want to keep listing new things and perhaps work on some Christmas stuff.  

Now you tell what are your plans for this summer?


  1. I love it Claudia! Your hair looks great from behind! I just cut my hair up into a bob again. I think you inspired me!

    Your summer sounds like it will be fun and relaxing. I wish I had kids so I can used them as an excuse for PJ/movie day. :)

  2. winter just started here and our holidays aren't for a while yet but I hope your summer is full of fun! Wishing you 10 magical weeks with your children by your side...que lo pases bonito :)


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