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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Old Fences in May Week 1

I choose the theme old fences for the month of May.  I see so many of them here in Hemet.  Old fences weathered and tired.  Spaced unevenly structures that were made to secure, protect or form a barrier, but there is no cattle. These fences have served their purpose and are only a reminder of what once was.

Fear is the highest fence.  ~Dudley Nichols


  1. A gorgeous photo Claudia, especially with that background!

  2. Beautiful picture! They do seem rather sad, sort of wistful too, like they miss the cattle or whatever it was they were fencing in.

  3. That photo is so beautiful! I love the mountains in the background.

  4. oh that California landscape! and looks like a pretty day ... great pic


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