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Saturday, May 18, 2013

End of school year

Summer is soon approaching we had a rise in temperatures this past week.  We were teased with triple digits...already! triple digits in May? really?  only May?? (Insert a disappointing face here please).

Only two weeks til the end of school.  I feel a little too stressed with so many activities and excitement going on.  Field trips, school open house, end of the year parties, yearbooks, orientation for middle school yikes!  Did I say middle school?  I did, my Sophie is going to middle school next school year!  It  feels like it was only yesterday that she was born.  The fact that I recently posted her birth story  only makes it fresher in my mind.   She is a little nervous too but excited as well.  Fear of the unknown is not a nice feeling.  The idea of more than one teacher, new friends, more school work, more homework, new school activities, new routines creates a mix of feelings for all of us. 

I my heart I know she will succeed, she is very smart and has a great personality.  She has had many changes in the past two years or so.  It is like she came out of her shell.  Unlike me at her age she is very outgoing.  I was the girl that sat in the back of the class and tried to stay low in the radar, unnoticed.  I did have friends I wasn't a loner or anything, I just never liked calling attention.  I was a good student.  She is also a good student.  She dares doing things that I didn't at her age for example dark nail color and mixing three different patterns in one outfit!  you  would not catch me doing that ever!...she wears all the jewelry she can at one given point.  But I can tell you that I used to carry my battery operated handheld little radio and headphones with me all the time, just like she carries her ipod with her all the time now.

We went to a parent-student orientation at the middle school on Tuesday and Xavi held her hand he told her 'I will be with you through this' and he also wished her good luck in her new school!  There is a field trip for all fifth graders to get familiar with the campus and I am still trying to convince her to go to 6th grade survival camp.  I am sure she will benefit from it.  Sometimes she doesn't agree with momma.  I know those butterflies in the stomach are only normal.  I remember how I felt the days prior to starting a new school year.  I remember begging my mom not to send me to school.  Silly me!  I only wish her the best in this new adventure.  Oh my sweet Sophie!


  1. Let's face it Momma, you're a big part of what helps her be confident and outgoing...and with the lessons you've taught her she's sure to shine!

    Wasn't that sweet of Xavi!

  2. oh how sweet is that? her brother holding her hand and comforting her! My youngest is moving into middle school next year too - so hard to believe how old my baby is! and had to laugh looking at her nail polish ... my daughter is the same!

  3. How fast they grow huh! Your kids are super cool -- like mom :)

  4. I wish they would not grow :(

  5. What an exciting time for Sophie! New experiences are scary but so great. I am sure she will love middle school and continuing to grow as a person. :)

  6. Such a big change, plus scary and exciting all at once. Hugs and best of luck to her. Love her jewelry!


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