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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Projects old and new and a little modeling

I have so many projects started and so many other that I want to do.  I find myself that I cannot be sitting still without thinking of a new project I also think of the ones that I haven't finished :/
It's just so very hard for me to just sit still and watch a movie or TV without thinking or working on a new project.  Reality is it's helps me take my mind off stress.  I should advise my husband to take on crochet!! jk   

I have a pin board that I keep adding and adding projects for later...I even titled it "Crafts I want to do someday"

I worked on a slouchy hat for my sister in law whose Birthday was in April.  Winter shall come again and she will give it a good use then.  I also did a set of the tiny cacti for my sister who by the way really is a plant killer.  My mom advised her not too add too much water on those (joke of course).

I worked on this headband but I have to perfect it.  I think I like this one better than the one we did at the crochet along project. I want to do some coin purses for the girls and I also want to do cross stitch family portraits for each of my brothers and sister's families and of course for my family too.  I also worked on this month's crochet along project which I will share with you guys soon.

One less thing accomplished is this pair of flip flop refashion.  I bought two pairs of flip flops last year one for my sister and one for me.  I was quick to yank off the straps but left it at that...talk about unfinished projects! finally I worked on my pair.  I hope to work on my sister's in time for her B-Day this July.

Gosh for the sake of this post I am brave enough to show my ugly feet.  

But wait the other day at my sister's she made me try high heels  she is actually selling them on ebay so I was her foot model.  This is something that I've never wore before and I never will!  I know the benefits of wearing these kind of high heels often are not many...siga are you out there I read the article on facebook :)  Plus how can someone walk on them???  No offense to anyone.  But since I don't get many opportunities to try them I agreed...so take a picture sister.

My husband liked them of course, and all the kids were like wow! me?  humm I'd rather go back to my sandals and my DIY projects, let's just say I move a lot easier.


  1. Love it! You are so crafty my friend!! That cross stitch project sounds PERFECT!!!

    Your rocking those high heels and trust me I'm not one for them either!!

    P.S. You do not have ugly feet!


  2. I LOVE the flip flops...that's something I need to try! As far as ugly feet, shush. At least you have toes, I just have fat little nubbins, lol.

    The heels looked great on you but I have to agree, give me sandals or flats that I can walk in without breaking an ankle.

  3. oh yes ... just like me! piles of ideas, clippings, and half done projects! I think the shoes look great on you! But I too ... only wear flats. I'd break my neck trying to wear anything over 1 inch :)

  4. Projects keep us sane! Jim has helped me make lanyards and eyeglass chains and totally understands how it relieves my stress! Those heels are amazing! I am with your though. Comfort is number one with me. Heels that I do have must be wide, otherwise I will fall over. The flip flops are super cute. Your toe nails look so pretty. It has been too cold here so I have yet to paint mine to kick off the season!

  5. I am happy we all agree on the comfort of shoes topic :)

  6. :)) Buah-ha-ha-hah! Yes, I am here now, reading about your high heel experience ;) And if I have to choose, DIY is the thing!!!


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