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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Celery print tutorial

I am back with another tutorial.  Today I will show you how to print pretty flowers with a celery.  Maybe later you can tell me how to do a celery soup or how to incorporate the celery in a delicious salad.  I am sure you guys are better at it that I am. 
acrylic paint
*Kraft paper roll 

*I buy mine at 99cents store

Cut the bottom off the celery, as you can see in the picture my original flower celery was kind of funky looking so I took a 'petal' off to make it smaller and neater.

I mixed pink and white to get a lighter shade of pink.  I didn't mix completely to get a variegated look.  You totally don't have to mix colors if you have a single color you want to use go for it!

Here is the fun part, start printing away!  Wait till the paint has completely dried so you can start using your flower paper.

This is the final result.  A wonderful roll of kraft paper for wrapping gifts and such!

I also use mine to wrap my etsy sales.  Have fun printing celery flowers.


  1. What a clever idea and such a beautiful result!! This MUST be the best way to use celery!

  2. Oh this is a great idea, love it....and congrats on having an oven soon!

  3. I love this Claudia! The celery makes the prettiest flower.


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