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Monday, May 13, 2013

Benefits of bike riding

Out and about early Saturday morning on a bike ride here are some pics

I saw this graphic on facebook and liked it very much!

I asked my husband a few weeks back if he ever painted a bike.  He told me he'd never done it.  I really could not believe it! I gave him such a hard time,  my two brothers one older and one younger than me took apart and put together bikes without a hassle.  They could also build a bike with spare parts.  But then again I guess everybody is different.  Back then I though that was a job for boys only.  Now I am determined to paint my bike myself. My husband is trying to discourage me from doing it. He told me to seek professional help. My brothers are way to busy and if really don't want to burn them with another task.  It would be nice if I get a little help but if I don't like I said before I am determined to do it myself.  I am no Handy Manny but I am sure I can find a good tutorial out there that I can follow.  I plan to tackle the job this Summer.  Wish me luck :/  

Really wish me luck!


  1. ok ... good luck! but I doubt you'll need it, I bet you fly through it!

  2. ... the only thing you need is to get your favorite color in spray!!!
    Nice to see some photos from the ride, hope wasn't "no hands" style? :))

  3. O wow, look at that peaceful, open expanse! Bike-riding there must be such a calming, cheering experience; here, it's a sweaty, clammy affair lol! I remember how I used to love riding through the lawn sprinklers :)

  4. Isn't is wonderful going out early in the morning before others? It must have been so peaceful. That graphic is so fun. Biking does feel like flying! You can paint the bike! In this day and age of the internet and youtube I think you will find tons of helpful information. :)


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