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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Crochet along slouchy hat project

Two days before the New Year rings, I am happy to report that I am having a nice break.

This month I  decided to join Alycia from The Curious Pug 

I've told you before that I do not how to read patterns, this was my main reason for joining plus the slouchy hat seemed super easy.  And let me tell you it was.  
I sat down and started watching a movie on Netflix, carefully reading the pattern and counting the stitches.  I lost one stitch on the third row, but now problem I was able to fix that.  After the fourth row everything went very smooth.  

At the end of the movie I decided to go get the ruler and it only shows how fast and easy this project can go!  The pattern calls for 9 inches and I had done 11 inches of work :/ It was time to go pick up the kids from school so I put the project on hold.

 After we came home and the kids had eaten  I sat with Xavi to do his homework I picked up the project again.

 The first one to try it on was him of course!

The next day I made one for the little stinker. His ninja moves while being taken a picture cannot fail, you know that!

Finally got him to put the slouchy hat the right way 
and stay still!

I love it when you can do a project in one day although mine took literally ALL DAY LONG :/

But it really is super easy and remember I had mention in one of my post I didn't want to stress this Christmas? I didn't!! This was the perfect slouchy hat to crochet for nieces and nephews, for the smaller heads I just decreased one or two rows. I also did one for my husband and for my mom and for a friend...get it?? how easy and fast this is? 

One of my nephews asked for a beard so I went to you tube for help and did one for him and also for Xavi.  How can you say no when they tell you 
"I love you tia" (auntie)

So this is the first pattern that I read on my own!  Yay!  
Thank you Alycia!



  1. That's awesome! Great job! And too cool, on the beard! May have to make one for mine. Ha ha! Don't think it would look as cute on me, though. ;)

  2. :) ha ha ha! The last photo is a real killer! Love the style! Great job, Claudia! It's hard to believe that you can't read the patterns, because the results of your creations are always good ;) Now missing that "like" button!

  3. wow you did great a great job!! i'm glad the pattern was an easy one. it really worked up fast :) and that beard is really cute. i've been meaning to make one myself!

  4. Nice work Claudia! I have dabbled in knitting and crocheting so I know how time consuming a small project can be! The beard is so funny!!!

  5. Nice job on the hat! I love the color combination you used. And the beard is fantastic.

  6. Looks awesome! Impressed that you made so many for gifts! :)


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