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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Night lights

First of all I am so excited to share with you my first listing of supplies on my etsy shop

Plain little wooden berry baskets!  they are plain but you can do so much with them like paint them or decorate them.  One pint in size perfect for decorating weddings, parties, present home made gifts or home baked goodies and much much more!  Find them here.

I will tell you now how I ended up my past Saturday remember the parade?  I've had the idea of lighting my backyard for a while now.  When we first moved in here it was all dirt and dying flowers and it stayed like that for a while.  Now, I don't have the green thumb, but little by little I've planted different  plants, the heat and the cold are severe here but so far I am proud of my little garden.

In one of my visit to a thrift shop I found these strings of  Christmas lights.  I thought they were perfect for lighting my backyard because I didn't want the green kind plus they were 50% off at a thrift store!  Oh how I love discounts!! ah!  

My dear husband who didn't want to drill holes on the bricks, made this sort of hooks for me so I spent Saturday afternoon hanging the lights and waited patiently till it got dark.

I just plain love them and plan to leave them all year long! 
yes sir all year long!


  1. Doesn't that look cheery! Hope things are beginning to improve for you! *hugs*

  2. Just love the lights! ... and so jealous that you can have a bird of paradise in the yard! such pretty flowers!

  3. This looks so sweet Claudia! I know what you mean about gardening. I had zero experience when I bought my house and am so proud of the things I have accomplished and learned! Your birds of paradise is a stunner!!!


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