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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Chris' Burguers

This is a new addition to my shop, goodie bags to pack little things. You will make your little present prettier ;)
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Now continuing with the busy weekend on Sunday we had a couple of choices to go out and eat and unanimously we all voted for Chris' Burgers a hamburger place where they sell the best chilli cheese  burgers and fries. 

This is a large order of chilli cheese fries that I shared with my husband!  Although, we've already dug into it when I snapped the pic, my husband kept saying this is to big of an order ah! 
we finished the plate!

My chili cheese burger ;)

Xavi says they are the best cheese burgers in the whole wide world.  
His is plain :/

While sitting in the restaurant and eating my husband spotted through the window a couple sitting on a table outside a trailer home around half a block away from where we were.  He said it was an elderly couple that haven't move in a while.  I zoomed in with my camera and agreed with him "yes I see a lady" I said.  We were very entertained first of all because Xavi and Sophia could not spot them.  Then trying to find out why they didn't move.  My husband said "they're wax figures"
And sure they were!  We drove close by to see them.  I wonder who would want to have a dummy couple sitting outside their home and why?? :/ creepy!!

Sunday is not over yet, I have more on Friday as tomorrow is Seasons Change.


  1. The bags are so cute! They would be perfect for party favors. The family photos are fun as always! I used to eat my burgers plain at Xavi's age (except for a little ketchup). Too funny about the fake people. Super creepy!!!


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