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Monday, December 17, 2012

Legoland a dream come true, magical memories.

Here is a recap of Xavi's first grade school trip to
Legoland California last week.

Lousy photo but great smiles.  Here is Xavi and his two friends. I kept my eye on these three the whole day as a chaperone.

 All kids were beyond excited! I myself wanted to take a nap on the bus, but my sitting partner wanted to chat and chat and chat :/

 The kids  had a class on frame structures and stability.

For the hands on experience they had the opportunity to build a tall tower and test it on an earthquake table.
They were later awarded a certificate as a Junior Engineer at Legoland California Resort.

Then the fun began, this is minivan made entirely out of Legos!

Xavi had a blast driving.  
He was so excited that he got his driving license!

Do I have to pose?

Lego Mexican Mariachi!

Mrs Null's first grade class posing in front of Christmas tree made out of legos. 

yeawh!  reindeer riding!

They also got wet on a boat ride and waited to get more wet by other boat riders.  I myself took a raincheck on this one.

Mini Land USA

The day ran very smoothly and it was filled with joy and excitement!  Having worked with kids before I forgot how fast they can move and how slow the bus can ride.  Remembering the smiling faces and gleaming eyes of the kiddos will be embedded in my memory forever.  Oh magical memories!

Cannot finish this post without acknowledging that sadly 20 families were cut short of their own memories and dreams with the loss of their little angels.  A senseless loss, a tragedy.  My heart broke into pieces while hearing the news.  I pray that God be with their families and the families of the adults that also lost their lives at Sandy Hook Elementary this past Friday. 


  1. This tragedy is too hard to understand and only hope is that it's the last one...

    The Legoland trip sounds fun! Been in the place in Denmark, still remember impressive sculptures and constructions made of tiny little bricks. And soooo want such a Christmas tree, always wished to have green bricks for building up trees, but originally it's not an option. Wonder why? :)

  2. How fun. I like the part about you wanting to nap but you had a chatty partner. Sounds like me, wanting to nap but being nice enough to stay up for my chatty partner.

    I'm so sad about the tragedy too. This world will get worse until it get's better.

    Makes you keep your family number one on your list.

  3. Legoland looks so amazing! The buildings look so cool and I love the mariachi band!!! I am glad the kids had fun. The school tragedy is so devastating. I can't even watch the news with all the funerals going on. It still feels surreal.


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