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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Seasons Change Second Edition...Fall Week 12

For a whole year I will try to find the awesomeness 
included in all four seasons
perhaps the weather or a nature shot...
maybe display the Holidays in turn
who knows?
the sky is the limit!

Tomorrow Winter starts and also the world ends as some fanatics believe(joke)and oh boy it's cold already bone chilling temperatures!  I know I know a lot of people have it worse. 

This is the last post on my Seasons Change Second Edition.  A whole year of weekly pictures another challenge that I've finished.  I've really enjoyed it and hopefully you did too.  Next year I will be back (got you there ah!  next year 12 is in days!)  

There is some snow on top of the mountain .  Also, my husband and kids will have a two week winter break! yay! Hopefully we go to Idyllwild to play in the snow.    Stay warm dear friends and hug your loved ones.


  1. Nice composition Claudia! I love the challenge you took on over the past year. It is a neat way to capture a years time. Happy winter! I hope you have a wonderful break with your husband and the kids!

  2. How amazing it's now been two years of this wonderful series!! I know I've enjoyed seeing these photos. Thank you Claudia for sticking with the challenge! :) And thank you so much for the beautiful Christmas postcard! Such a sweet, sweet surprise! <3 From my family to yours, have a wonderful holiday season! So nice your family will have such a nice long break to enjoy it together!

    1. Thank you dear Marz, can't wait to see pictures of you and your twinkie with little Fe!

  3. what a lovely background, wish I lived somewhere with those amazing mountains in the background.

    Hope it is a lovely little break...enjoy and take a lot of photos ;)


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