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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Legos and more Legos

I've been stepping on Legos for about four years.  Xavi is only six, he started very young because he would see his older cousins play with them.  But he didn't want the big Lego bricks, he wanted the kits for older kids like Star Wars and Ninjago.

It broke my heart that he wanted them so bad.  So I gave in, it never worried  me that he would put the tiny little pieces in his mouth because I knew he wouldn't. He never was that kind of baby (with the exception the day he swallowed a marble)  What worried me is him loosing the little tiny pieces. 

So without a doubt a Lego Kit for his birthdays would never fail to make him happy.  Everytime he got a new Lego Kit he would put together the Lego man and guess who put together the rest.  Yup! yours truly worked on the airships, cars, watercrafts and such.

I always was very careful saving all the instructions and little tiny pieces.  At first Xavi would become very frustrated  when his Lego toy came apart because he himself could not put it back.
I remember one time he was carrying a little lego man and for some reason was missing a hand for him and asked me "Mom do you happen to have a hand in your purse?"

Now that he is older, he is totally in charge of his Legos.  He has a backpack where he carries them all together.  Only God knows, if he has all the pieces there.  But he is now able to make his own creations.  He dumps them very often Oh that glorious sound of crashing Legos!    He is also a member of the Lego Club Jr free magazine and he wanted me to take a picture of his creation so he can submit it.

Yesterday we went on a school field trip to Legoland California!  His dream came true.  I will come back with a post on that.  Oh sweet day for Xavi!


  1. :) You're a good mamma and yes, you gotta love those legos. My little one sure does! I'm putting them together and saving the manuals, too. :)

  2. Legoland! What an adventure! Love the proud photos of him...lazydazy is right, you're a good Momma!

  3. Such a cute post Claudia! Legos are so great for creativity! Your pictures came out great. I hope Xavi wins!!! Legoland looks so cool. I bet he had a blast!

    1. He did have a blast Miss Val, he so so excited!

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  5. You are a great mamma as well as indeed, a person gotta adore individuals legos. My personal child certain will! I am placing all of them collectively as well as preserving the actual guides, as well.

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