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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Family fun and other things

  One thing I realize when having a full house is that man these people eat every three to four hours!  My husband is cooking now and then, I also have pulled out the cereal boxes from the pantry once or twice for breakfast.  The kids keep on taking out toys and I keep telling them to clean up.  Or at least pretend they have cleaned up.

A couple of days ago we went to Idyllwild.  Not much snow, but it was cold.   My nose turned red and Xavi was sorry he didn't take his beanie, he borrowed his dad's for a while.  We bought coffee and hot chocolate and stopped by the local bakery.

This is one small rental space that I have been eying, one day I will have a shop here to sell my little creations.

Not much to do but eat and watch TV and wait for  
the New Year to come.  

Here is an opportunity to laugh at my last years goals...I worked on some I didn't on others. So there!  This year no resolutions...

One thing I want to do for this coming month of January is 

It sounds like fun, so hopefully   I will accomplish it.  If I don't get to post the picture on the same day I will post it the next day.  So wish me luck on this one.

I wish you my friends the best for 2013


  1. This town looks so cute! Everything seems small. That little shop front looks so sweet. I can picture it all fixed up with pretty, crafty things inside! Good luck with your photo a day challenge. You can do it!!! Happy New Year Claudia!

  2. I do miss those little get aways in CA ... my husband and I used to do that often with little rentals in some 'nowhere' place. Enjoy!! and wishing you much success for 2013!!

  3. Happy New Year! And talking about resolutions, the 365 project is the HUGE thing to accomplish! Look forward very much to see how it will go! Awesome ;)

  4. I love the idea of your little shop!! Sounds like a fun day :)
    Xavi and Sophie look so big, they are growing up too fast!

    I wish you a Happy New Year Mi Clau from the bottom of my heart! For you I am grateful! Thank you for always being there for me and for rooting me on in 2012 and always!!

    Love you!!

  5. Love your slouchy beanie's. I really could've used one over here when we went camping this weekend. I hope you get your shop someday. I love it!


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