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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My tips on saving and stretching the green

Just an example of what I told you recently:

My husband writes everything.
This is where my work comes in.  With only one income I do my best to reduce 
the monthly expenses and stretch  the incoming money. 
My friend and new pen pal recently told me that she wants to be more frugal and more careful with money this year.  I think that is an awesome goal and very easy attainable with some discipline.
She made me start thinking of all the things I do to help the household.

I thought I'd write about some of the little things I do on this subject.

  • I shop at the 99 cents store at least once a week and are not ashamed of it.
  • I stock up when things we use often are on sale.
  • I buy store and generic brands on most things.
  • I prepare most of the food, and only eat out once in a while.  With a family of five it can get expensive.
  • I use coupons now and then but I'd love to start using them more often and of course get better at it.  Have you ever seen extreme couponing TV show!!
  • I love shopping at Khols, this is one I really love and actually take it as a stress reliever!  I shop clearance, I use discount coupons they send you and they also give you 'Khols cash' $10 dollars off.  I come home and tell my husband "look honey how much I saved you".
  • I also brake for every clearance sign! trying not to be compulsive buyer...It's hard though :/
  • I shop at thrift shops.
  • I hate trowing food! ( I am a vacuum at finishing off the kids leftovers I should stop that I know!!)  That's the reason I want to eat smaller portions :/
  • I ride my bike and I take a bag with me I brake for cans and plastic and I am not ashamed of it either!  This really does not bring any income to the family but it gives me the opportunity to sustain the habit of buying craft supplies and paper for my envelopes.
  • my etsy shop also helps me on the above.
  • I've never liked video games, too much money there, we cannot afford it so no video games, x-box, Nintendo, Atari ( I know that is way too old school!)  but really we can't afford it and it's hard enough to get the kids off the computer!
  • We have basic plan phones nothing added to them...I mean nothing!!
  • I do have to say often "NO" at the store to the kids, man they just want everything!  Sophia has always been a good sport.  When she was smaller, she would ask me "Mom do we have the money to buy this"  I'd tell her "no honey we don't" and she was fine.  Xavi on the other hand is another story! 
I've been on the work force before, so I know that money does not come for free and that you have to earn it.  So really why waste it? When we were newly weds we made the decision that I'd be a stay home mom (except for that year I went back to work) then we decided again that I'd be back home taking care of the kids.  We've lived a modest life although  I won't deny that some times we wish we had more financial freedom but every night each of us can thank God for a roof over our heads, food on our table and clothes. 

I know these tips are no brainers and a lot of people do them.  I'd really like to know what you do and your tips for saving money?  Would you like to share??


  1. Thank you for writing this post. When I think of some tips, I will come back and share them with you. How is you sister doing, by the way?

  2. @ladydazy My sister is doing good! Thanks for asking, she just starting the third trimester and takes this daily shots on her tummy to thin out the blood (ouch!). April is almost here. xoxo

  3. That's good to hear!! What kinds of items do you buy at the 99 cent store. I like by disposable gloves, rubber gloves for cleaning, plastic containers, spray bottles, feminine products....

  4. @ladydazyI get yogurt for the kids, 5 lb bag of potatoes, cookies (they eat them just as fast as the expensive brands!) croutons, paper plates, also the same things you except feminine products (for those most of the time I use coupons)...Ohhhh and the only thing I am not cheap on is toilet paper I always buy mine at costo!! lol! I don't like any other!

  5. Lol, thanks!! I'm going to look into getting those items myself! :)


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