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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Season's Change Second Edition...Winter Week 6

For a whole year I will try to find the awesomeness included in all four seasons,
perhaps the weather or a nature shot...
maybe display the holidays in turn
who knows?
The sky is the limit.
We finally did get some rain over the weekend! I love rainy days because I get the opportunity to do things I would not usually do on a regular day when I am running out and about doing my daily routine.  Of course I prefer rainy days when I am able to stay in the house that is ideal.  It's like I am slowed down kind, of like a break.

What things you may ask?  simple things like sip on a cup of hot cocoa while flipping the TV channels, knitting or crocheting, table games with the kids...or sit by the window and watch the rain fall while listening to the pitter patter.

Oh and by the way I love the smell of the rain do you??


  1. Bela fotografia... Espectacular....
    ChuvaChuva, caindo tão mansa,
    Na paisagem do momento,
    Trazes mais esta lembrança
    De profundo isolamento.

    Chuva, caindo em silêncio
    Na tarde, sem claridade...
    A meu sonhar d'hoje, vence-o
    Uma infinita saudade.

    Chuva, caindo tão mansa,
    Em branda serenidade.
    Hoje minh'alma descansa.
    — Que perfeita intimidade!...

    Francisco Bugalho, in "Paisagem



    Beautiful photo ... Great ....
    ChuvaChuva, falling so softly,
    In the landscape of the moment,
    You bring this memory more
    Of deep isolation.

    Rain, falling silent
    In the afternoon, without clarity ...
    In my dream d'today, win it
    An infinite longing.

    Rain, falling so softly,
    In soft serenity.
    Today my soul rests.
    - What a perfect intimacy! ...

    Bugalho Francisco, in "Landscape

  3. It's raining right now. I don't mind it when I'm at home and can read, or create or watch movies. But when I'm out i'm not a fan.

    Also it's been raining so much lately that I miss the sun.

  4. Aquí llovió ayer. Lo raro fue que hacía mucho fío y generalmente cuando llueve no hace tanto frío.

  5. Lucky you!!! Please send me some cloud!
    Great photo ;)

  6. Replies
    1. I wanna be happy too thanks for the follow! :)

  7. The plants are so beautiful with the rain sprinkled on them! I love the smell of rain too. A rainy day is best when you can spend it inside your own home!

  8. Whatttt .. I missed the rain :( ..hopefully we'll get some more .. and yes I love the smell of rain esp the first time when it rains and drenches the parched earth ..oh that smell is outta this world !


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