Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Etsy Finds...Telephones

I will say it...I grew up in a house without telephone.  There was only one neighbor on the block with telephone service and she was kind enough to let the neighbors use it for an emergency.

Later on my teenage years when we moved to the US we did have the service... I discovered the great invention! communication via telephone! aww! I spent countless hours talking to my best friend after school...chit chatting talking really nonsense girl's stuff or having her call a number instead of me because I wasn't brave enough to call myself.  As I grew older I also remember waiting for those special phone calls, and being so excited when they happened.  

The day I gave my husband my phone number he said he would call me that same evening and I told my mom I could not go to church because I was waiting for a phone call...I did skip church I know God forgave... later  he  told me that if I had not answered that evening he would have thought that I was just not interested, but I answered and the rest is history!

I think it's amazing how specifically cell phones nowadays have become such an important and intricate part of our lives, for communication and social media.  They are a necessity an evil necessity I would say!  Can't leave home without your cell.

Let me tell you that I don't have a sophisticated or a smart phone.  I have a basic cell plan Nextel Direct connect (which is a cell and a radio system widely used in this area)  and very useful to us since my husband crosses the border to Mexico very often, no texting plan, no camera, no social media applications!  I really don't want to get into that.  I hate complications and technology already absorbs a lot of my time and to top it off I am not too computer or technology savvy.  I hate it when I am driving and the phone rings, when I am at the bank, the post office, the library, the doctor's office and I can't find the d**n phone at the bottom of my purse!  Nerve wrecking for me :/ I tell you

I secretly miss those days were I used the phone only for pleasurable talk and when I left home for work or school and I was basically left with no communication unless I had a quarter!  I really miss those days!

Reminiscing on vintage phones this is what I found on etsy:


How is your life and cell phones related??


  1. Love it! I'm addicted to texting. Thanks for including my phone! :)

  2. such lovely phones :) and I agree, I can't imagine my days without my cellphone!
    thanks for the welcome back, it feels good to be part of the blogworld again :)


  3. I remember when we were dating we had no cellphones , just regular phones that we sat by , talked for hours , dreamt ..
    having a cellphone is convenient but then those days were different ..sometimes technology is a boon and sometimes a bane ;)

  4. thanks for featuring my photo! cute blog. :)
    dear machine

  5. So very true! I remember when the beeper first came out - lol!!

    I love all of these vintage phones, they are so dreamy and believe it or not I am on the hunt for one for mi casa! I love them :)


  6. So nice of you to include my print on here :) Me, I love my cell phone...hate talking on it though. I prefer the apps & texting. Go figure.


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