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Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year and pentagon news lol!

It's not too late to wish you all my dear friends a Happy  and prosperous New Year, lots of health and laughter!

I am not really one to make resolutions, my husband does the writing, short term goals, long term goals, plans, procedures the man really write lots of things.  This morning he really made me laugh
because he was telling me that our home is our 'base' our pentagon where crucial decisions for our family are made. Home is where we make plans of attack and backup plans. I was not at all laughing at him I really love him because he is a true fighter and defender of his family.
 He really ranks high in my heart!

Back to me:

This year I have some things I'd love to accomplish I don't want to call them resolutions but I will call them goals!
  • eat better
  • eat less
  • loose my love handles (eating better and less will help)
  • get the kids to eat more veggies
  • learn more about photography, maybe read a book about photography?
  • really really want to set my sneakers aside 
  • try to worry less
  • should I try to dance??

Best of luck to all of you in this New Year!

1 comment:

  1. Happy new year Claudia! Your husband is too funny...The Pentagon? I love it! Best of luck with your 2012 goals! I am sure you can reach all of them. Dancing would be a great way to lose the love handles (and accomplish 2 goals at the same time).


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