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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Little Garland of mine

More than 13 yrs ago I was still single, 
my sister was a teenager and the two of us together with my mom were planning a baby shower for my sister in law (now ex sister in law).  We had everything together gifts included for the new arrival. 
I had bought some ribbon spools to decorate with pretty bows. 

But one day in September our plans came to a halt.  
The baby girl died more than halfway through the pregnancy in her mom's tummy.  
All of our dreams were crushed...She was about to be the very first grand kid born to our family.  I kept the ribbon.
Tucked away in a box.
Not really knowing what to do with it.

Occasionally I've made a bow or two to wrap a gift.

But recently I found a really nice purpose for that pretty ribbon that I've saved for all these years.  
I have seen these lovely light garlands and finally found an easy to follow diy tutorial that I liked.

I've personally felt the sorrow and emptiness of this experience twice.  I made this garland as a tribute to all the babies in my family that for different reasons that only God knows why didn't make it to us.  My ex-sister in law, my sister in law, my sister and like I mentioned me included.  Once in a while I still think back and there are a lot of why's unanswered
...and who is to blame?

In no way I want to make this a sad post,
instead it's a post of celebration because that
ribbon that 13 years ago was to celebrate a little one's 
life and suddenly was put away with sorrow now has a lovely purpose. 

The baby was named Lilibeth 
and I will secretly call my little garland Lilibeth 
and now I am going to let it shine!


  1. It's beautiful. So sorry for your losses.

  2. What a great tribute to Lilibeth and all those other dear babies. I think posts that contain honesty and true feelings are simply the best kind of posts out there. Eventhough, they might be sad they are Real!

  3. @ladydazy I guess it's what life is all about. Thank you.

  4. Wow! Your bedroom looks better and better! Hope you will never stop surprising us with new ideas!
    And the story behind... very touching

  5. That is so sad about Lilibeth. The tribute is wonderful! The garland is so amazing. I love the delicate look of each light!!!

  6. My heart breaks for what each beautiful flower represents. But I love the symbolic use of the ribbon you had sadly saved all these years and turning it into such a beautiful and touching tribute to each angel. Your garland is so special and so pretty! You did a great job sweet girl!


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