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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Little Old Bike

There once was a little rusty bike.  Two Christmases ago was shiny new. 
The bike had training wheels, but still the owner had problems and didn't feel comfortable riding it.  

Truth  is, he didn't tried much either.  He preferred his yellow tricycle.  
He was so used to it.   It was certainly easier for him and speedier.

So the little bike  had been sitting out for more than two years and saw all kinds of weathers, 
hot and cold.  One fine Day the owner came home and decided that it was time
to take off the training wheels off that old bike of his.  The mother suggested that when dad came home he could help with the task.  The little boy was not happy with that and as stubborn 
as he was he said "I can do it mom except I am so little and don't have the strength!"
( I am not making any of this up ).  
So the mom went to grab a wrench she wasn't very good with tools but she was able to get the training wheels off.  She instantly though:  HELMET!!!!  

luckily he agreed on the helmet and he tried riding the little old bike,

 and he tried,

and he tried some more.

The little boy said "Mom I think I am getting the hang of it"

 But he also needed a rest!

 He went back to the bike and tried again...

 and again,

 and tried some more!

until finally...

 he decided he wasn't ready to ride without training wheels.  
Again mom suggested that dad helped put the training wheels back on when he got home.

 ...but then again as stubborn as he was he decided to try himself.  *sigh*

The End.


  1. What a cute story! Xavi will get the hang of it soon. I love the comment about his strength! LOL

  2. YAYAY! he is getting it! the pic of him resting is to cute! :-)


  3. love this post as i do ride a bike to campus everyday.
    go bike! yaaay!


  4. You did it!!! Nice way to keep memories of that day :)) Your photos are amazing, Claudia! You could start thinking of photo journalism, no kidding! Very good captures of moments, and right focus on the things yo wanna tell! Almost no words needed to tell all happened

    1. my way of treasuring memories for the kids! I will take your comment as a compliment siga!

  5. I agree with Siga , you've taken some pretty amazing pictures of Xavi here but my favorite one is hands down the one with him resting on the chair ..
    as for not listening well we know now why men are like that - coz they never listened even when they were boys :P ..haha . Lol !

  6. *Gasp* I know the feeling. I hope he learns without the training wheels soon. For your sake and his!

    1. I am so glad I get a witness! I know you and me go through some of the same things with our kiddos!

  7. You did such a pretty post with the pictures! I love how you made a little story out of them! Soon Xavi someday soon you will be riding that bike :)



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