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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy Mail

These are  some incoming and outgoing cards for December that 
I gotta share before Christmas is here again!


Postcard and letter to my pen pal.  I forgot to take picture of the card so here you only 
see the envelope :/  Lately I've been forgetting things...Alzheimer's perhaps??

A card to my brother, sister in law and niece with Sophia and Xavi's  school pictures.  I saw them on Thanksgiving and on Christmas again and  forgot to give them the pictures. I tell you I got Alzheimer's


From my pen pal Maria some Christmas wishes and a couple of note pads.  
That flip note pad is now in my purse being put to good use. 
One can never have to many note pads so many things to remember!

 From Dear Micaela, those Cookie dough delights were delicious!
I was bad and I didn't share.

 From my new pen pal Lori, Christmas greetings and Happy New Year wishes and extra goodies!

 More Christmas wishes!

Christmas wishes from Karina (she sent more goodies you will see below),
also a card from Miss Val and a card from one of my husband's coworkers.

 Christmas wishes form Gracie and Priya

A hello card from sweet Ladydazy!

I promised my dear friend and sister Kary that I would pose with the Butterfly sunglasses and this two sided necklace she sent me. 
Here I am in the bathroom taking a picture of myself, I feel like a dork duh!
I hate pictures of me but I gotta be brave right?

And  just to be braver...these are the love handles that really gotta go!

Thank you to all you lovely ladies for making my mailbox happy!


  1. Don't worry, I think I have Alzheimer's sometimes too! The butterfly sunglasses look great on you. :) Best of luck with the love handles. You can get rid of them with dedication!

  2. I really really like the envelopes you made in the first picture. I feel like I'm so forgetful lately, too! I need to get rid of a lot more than love handles. We can do it!!

  3. P.S. You have such beautiful kiddos. :)

  4. Real good old fashioned cards beat e-cards any day! The anticipation of opening a real envelope is so much fun!! :)


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