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Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Big Ten

Ten Years ago I became a mommy to a lovely teeny tiny 6 lb baby girl!
This is one of my favorite pictures of me and her napping (when I still had time for naps)  
She must have been no more than a week old.

I do have to say that we don't agree on everything nowadays, she is not a child nor a teenager
she is somewhere in between.
She still play dolls and doodles love notes for every family member!
like this or this or this
She has always been a sweet loving girl. 
but...sometimes she gets on my nerves.

She is starting to get her own sense of fashion,
her personality, her own identity.
Which is a good thing

Her hormones are starting to kick in,
her choice of music more defined.
...and many more changes to come I know that for sure!

 Ten years have passed and I love her even more than when I first saw her.

Happy Birthday to my little Sophia she will always be my baby girl!

Soon she will be taller than me, but then again who isn't??


  1. Happy birthday, happy Mom! :)) It's amazing how fast they grow... When they are little cute things, we want them to be big, when they are bigger, we want them to be small... It's always about changes... And usually you are the one who's totally getting me, but now I am completely with you! oh, and that photo, is just too cute ;) You are beautiful Mom,and the little nose and hand net to you :))

    1. agree with your statement siga, when little we want them big when big we want them little! thanks!

  2. Happy birthday Sophia! This photos is adorable...I love the little peek at her face. The teens may get tricky, but hopefully the years fly by and she grows into a pleasant adult. :)

    Have fun with your stamping set. Great idea stamping utensils. I played with my set today, so fun!

  3. The pictures is just beautiful. She's so little there :) I can't wait to have a daughter. It's definitely something I look forward to in the future. x

    1. Girls are the best I am sure you will be a great mommy Gracie!

  4. Awwww... Happy, Happy Birthday to Sophie!!! We wish her a most magical and wonderful year! I love that picture of you both! It speaks in so many different ways!


    Love you Mi Clau!

  5. The photo is so cute and lovely! Happy birthday! :)

  6. crecen muy rapido :( ojala la paso super bonito y sabes lo celebra junto con mi hijo que tambien nacio el 22 de Enero :)

    I got your birthday card...thank you, you are amazing! besitos xx

    1. oh wow! one more reason to celebrate Kathya, she also shares her birthday with an my aunt! cuidate!!


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