Monday, January 31, 2011

About Me

My name is Claudia. I've been married for 13 years to my Dear husband Javier, we're from San Diego/Tijuana Mexico area and now we live in  Hemet, CA  I have a 16 yr old stepdaughter Valeria.  My daughter Sophia is 10 and my baby Xavi who is 6. 
Although sometimes it gets chaotic in here with a family of five I love them with all of my heart and love spending time with them!

Here are some of my facts:

a few updates

1.  I love love love chocolate cake.
2.  I have an addiction:  sunflowers seeds, I know salt is bad but unsalted ones just don't taste the same.
3.  I lied on my height on my DL, only by an inch I really am 5' 1"
4.  I love finding bargains and most of the time I buy clearance.  Call me cheap but I love 75% off tags. 
5.  I still pray to God for a miracle, I want another baby. (too late now)
6.  I am a meat lover.
7.  I bite my nails. (not any more)
8.  I am a 36C
9.  My favorite flower are tulips
10.  My favorite fruit are nectarines
11.  I like my eggs scrambled
12.  I do not eat shrimp
13.  I've never tried sushi (don't really want to!)
14.  Don't know how to swim
15.  I have a small gap in my front teeth
16.  I reuse, reduce and recycle (hey that's three in one!)
17.  My shoe size is 7
18.  I learn to knit when I was 6
19.  I love music, but I do not dance at parties.
20.  I need to loose 10 pounds
21.  I have a stepdaughter but I am no evil step mom
22.  I don't have have the green thumb (my mom does)
23.  I stress very very easily
24.  I married my husband 4 1/2 months after we met
25.  I am 13 years older than my baby sister and our kids are around the same age
26.  I easily forgive
27.  I hardly forget
28.  I don't like my curls
29.  I like my lips
30.  My favorite numbers are 3, 6 and 9
31.  I am very dependable
32.  I hate being late, so I am  hardly late for any appointments
33.  I don't have any tattoos
34.  I am responsible
35.  I don't smoke
36.  I love the smell of fresh manure in the morning (weird I know!)
37.  I don't perform well after 8:00 pm
38.  I am allergic to shrimp (can't remember if I told you this already)
39.  I am so fast at starting a new project.
40.  If I get bored I put it away and maybe...only maybe never finish it!
41.  I love tamales...all flavors!
42.  When I was a kid me and my mom used to make tamales for every occasion, now I buy them!
43.  I love Shrek! that ugly Ogre
44.  I hate being in pajamas all day...I just can't do it really!
45.  I wish I can set my sneakers aside and wear high heals more often!
46.  I do not...I repeat do not drink coffee.    
47.  It's a hassle for me to change purse. I do it four times a yr.  I should be more ladylike!
48.  I always have a comfort's hard for me when my routine is disturbed.
49.  I faithfully take my kids to the dentist every six months.
50.  I brush my teeth  in the mornings next thing I make is my bed! life can't go on if my bed is   undone  
51.  I don't iron clothes unless item really calls for it.  Only my husband 's work clothes. Can't wait for his retirement!
52.  I hate when I get toothpaste in my clothes while brushing my teeth.
53.  I never had a bike of my own when I was a kid.  :(
54.  I would like one, but one that I can call my own. ( I do now)
55.  When I do, I need to learn how to ride it. (I ride it every weekend now yay!)
56.  I make grocery lists only to loose them.
57.  Inevitable there is always at least one toy in my purse.
58.  I like cinnamon rolls
59.  I absolutely need to drink more water
60.  I like fine point makes my writing prettier or so I think!
61.  I am a half full glass kind of girl (most of the time)
62.  I may be shy at first
63.  I am easy to please
64.  I dislike chaos
65.  I like things in order
66.  I consider myself a late bloomer
67.  I started wearing lipstick, eyeliner and a bit of make up at age 22
68.  I don't wear nail polish on my fingernails
69.  I do on my toenails
70.  I know I need to be more lady like, but I am happy as is!
71.  I used to love Mervyn's
72.  Now I love Kohls
73.  Me and my mom wait for the 30% off coupon, then we are happy shoppers!
74.  I also clip grocery coupons
75.  I don't mind going to the post office
76.  I am not really into sports, I've never practiced any except in High School.
77.  I am not a beach person (as explained last week here and here)
78.  I am an indoors kind of person  (explained here) I like being safe at home.
79.  I like watching the Soccer World Cup and the Olympics every four years
80.  I started using my bike more often and conquered a steep small hill (that's because I finally mastered the gears duh!)
81.  I am not a leader
82.  I am a follower
83.  I trust easily
84.  I am not into politics
85.  I can be naive on some situations
86.  I see the good in people until they show me their bad side 
87.  In a dog eat dog world I'd be eaten
88.  In a survival of the fittest situation I'd die
89.  I am happy that I found a man that is the opposite in some of the above
90.  We compliment each other
91.  I clean when I am upset
92.  I eat when I am upset
93.  I don't like any of that gummy sticky candy
94.  I don't like cheese puffs either
95.  I love all kinds of nuts, peanuts, almonds
96.  I save all manuals and instructions booklets
97.  I've never had a flat tire
98.  I've been left stranded while pregnant by an old truck I used to drive (emotional and scary situation!)
99.  My truck's battery died once on a rainy day while picking up Sophia after School
100.  I hit a car once or twice (nothing major really!)

I did a single post on being an early bird

so that's me!  and still finding out who I am!


  1. Claudia, thanks for your visit my dear!
    I came here, really quickly just to thank you and to wish you a good week.
    big hugg

  2. i love these facts about you. they're funny and both touch the heart.. i remmber that post about your fertility and letting it all into God's hands.

    you're beautiful! your whole family is.


  3. Es agradable ponerte una cara y conocerte un poco más. Pensé que eras la chica que se ve a la izquierda del blog :D
    Gracias por la visita ;)

  4. Thank you Dear Micaela! I remember you nice comment! @ giozi thank you for the visit! that's me in the curls!

  5. Being cheap is just SMART. End of story! And what a great idea to document the seasons! Thanks for stopping by my Silly Blog. :) It's so nice to meet you.

  6. I so enjoyed reading all these facts about you C ..Mickey is right they're funny and warm your heart at the same time ..and whats even more fun is how similar we are no.8/23/27/20/30 ..hehehhehe nd chocolate cake ..I can't tell you how my hubs is sick of me coz I never wanna try anything except chocolate cake ..:D
    Its good to know more about so ..makes me feel closer ..
    thank you and big *hugs*

  7. Thank you Cydney! @Priya how fun is that we have a lot of things in common!

  8. Hi Claudia,
    Love this post about you! It made me feel good that I already knew many of these things about you...but have to say i was suprised about #36!!!! You are very clever, witty and creative with words. This blog is really good. I've marked it as a favorite so I can come back and read more!
    - Jacqui

  9. I like this post and am so glad I'm not the only one continuing to learn about myself, lol!


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