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Monday, May 9, 2011

more facts!

I am back with the facts.  You're probably thinking when is she going to stop??  
Well, when I get to 100  I am on # 50 on the about me page

1.  I do not...I repeat do not drink coffee.    
2.  It's a hassle for me to change purse. I do it four times a yr.  I should be more ladylike!
3.  I always have a comfort zone...it's hard for me when my routine is disturbed.
4.  I faithfully take my kids to the dentist every six months.
5.  After I brush my teeth  in the mornings next thing I make is my bed! life cannot go on for me if my bed is   undone  


  1. Happy Monday Claudia! Number 5 reminds me of me! My bed is made everyday. I also have a need to wash the dishes everynight or I can't sleep! ~Val

  2. I need to be more ritual, like making my bed after I brush my teeth and taking my kiddos to the dentist every 6 months. :)

  3. 1.I do drink coffee...and tea!
    2.maybe 1 in 4 years... no comments!
    3.Love breaking routines,it's fun!
    4.I go to dentist more often then my kid...
    5.now and then I am messy... Depends on how I feel.
    6. Hope you dont hate me as the opposites good for each other? :)

  4. no hate siga,opposites attract!

  5. i wish i was like you in the making the bed every morning... oy, i do do it more than i don't though ;) because you're right, it makes SUCH a difference!

    but no coffee-- ugh, i couldn't survive! haha


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