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Monday, May 30, 2011

Meet my family part 1

This is Sophia my  9 yr. old daughter, 
she is my inspiration
for this little five day project, she
is always drawing little pictures of
our family


..this is our family in her eyes

1.he's strong   2.he's the best man in history  3.nice

1.really nice  2.really pretty  3.really smart

1.strong  2.beautiful 3.nice

1.best friend ever  2.nice  3.always cute


  1. This is the best post in history! Cute, beautiful, loving, nice, ... I hope you will make a scrapbook of it ;)

  2. Your family is wonderful! We are partners in the list swap dear, I'm so happy :) I'm working on those right now :)


  3. I love this Clau!! It's perfect and such a cute idea!! I might end up borrowing it :)

    I love how you spent your weekend and can not wait to go to a pool or the beach :)

    Love you xoxo

  4. This is a great idea ..I love how she says her Papi is the best man in history - totally adorable!!
    and she's right abt you too - you're really pretty one of the prettiest I know becoz you're beautiful both on the inside and outside ..

    muchos abrazos ..xoxo


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