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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

On our way to the mail box!

This is a simple game me and the kids played
a couple of weeks ago.
We walked our way to the mailbox
I had my camera in hand 
They took turns in telling me when to stop
I took a picture.

Perfect! some Happy mail arrived
my vacuum filters I ordered from amazon
...now I can vacuum happily!


  1. Pues cuando salgo con la cámara ya mi niña va diciendo, NO

  2. So cute!! That is a fun game I have got to play that game with Miguelito :)

    Yes!! Next time you have to come to NY :) Si hablamos de ti y lo bonita que eres :) Te quiero mucho mi amiga!! You to are family to me :)


  3. Thank you Kary for your sweet words!


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