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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Meet my family part 2

This is Javier my husband,

...this is our family in his eyes

1. intelligent   2. good housekeeper  3.  best wife ever

1. strong character  2.cute  3. likes to dance

1. smart  2. playful  3.funny

1. cute  2. funny 3.  likes making funny faces


  1. Super sweet post Claudia! I love the compliments! ~Val

  2. Your family is way too cute!! I love all the nice compliments. This makes me smile!!

  3. Thank you ladies! I love it too! I want to remember this forever I told everyone "be nice" lol!!

  4. Que bello!!! Two thumbs way up - but your husband forgot to put the most beautiful wife inside and out!!!!!!


  5. the man is just shy Kary! love you!

  6. I think every family should do this - it makes you appreciate what you have ..and you woman - you're def the best wife , mother and friend I know :))
    Love always dear..


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