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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What do I do??

As every first of the month Sophia picked out a monthly winner from 
moncy3 the shop for the month of April.
For every item bought the customers name goes on a drawing and the winner gets
to pick any item in stock in my shop for free.
I notified the customer that same day, and two days after...no show...no answer
I've been doing this for fourteen months and only once before 
I had a now show winner back in September of 2010

What do I do??  I made nine sales this past month, 
and I think the other eight names deserve a chance to win right?
So I've decided that I will pick out another name on the seventh of the month
if I don't get an answer from the customer.
It's only fair right?...back in September I had no choice 
(and I am not afraid to say it) I had only one sale

Any input will be appreciated!


  1. I will spread the word about your items!! I like using your items as thank you cards!! I always have a lot of people to thanks. :)

  2. Don't give up! Rome wasn't built in 1 day!!

  3. i think what you are going to do is fine. just send another email saying "it's been over X days and i am choosing another winner. sorry!"
    thats what i'd do at least.


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