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Monday, May 23, 2011

still more facts

1.  Spanish is my first language
2.  I learned English when I was 15
3.  I didn't know a word of English when I started 9th grade in the US.
4.  I did my homework with a bilingual dictionary on hand and a textbook on the other hand.
5.  I am so happy my kids are bilingual at an early age.

NOTE:  now you understand my 'written accent'...grammar and all that!  oh and most of the time I forget to spell check!


  1. That's wonderful. I wish my father would've taught me Spanish.. I had a Spanish speaking babysitter watch my daughter. She doesn't remember it but she pronounces Spanish words beautifully. We want her to take Spanish in High School. :)

  2. Por fin! At last I found something common with you! The madness of SPANGLISH! I love languages, the more means better! (I hope :))


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