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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

..and I did!

I just had to make this a special post!
remember yesterdays facts?  about the bike of my own...
well I did...I got one!
a couple of weeks ago I picked up my mother in law 
from the airport and in the chat I mentioned that 
I had the intention to get a bike and learn how to ride one
she said she had one in her garage just sitting there!
she said I could have it!
and this Saturday just before the Baby Shower we picked it up!
I am so excited it needs some work, such a new brakes and
a padded seat...and I want a basket on it!
I will ask my brother the fisherman for help!
I'm sure it will be ready for this summer 
to ride along with my kids!
I am really so excited ;)
I never had my own bike and now I do!


  1. Vintage beauty ;) I can picture you on it very easily, means it's a right thing! :))

  2. How exciting. It's so beautiful!! Yes, Siga it has a vintage look to it! You can do it Claudia!! You can ride a bike!! :)

  3. Thanks for rooting for me ladies!

  4. HURRAY!!!!! how awesome!!! i can't wait to see a pic of you on it ;) i love when things work out xoxo

  5. What a cute bike too! You are going to have a ball. I love bike riding.

    Warmly, Michelle

  6. Ahhhhh!! I love your bicycle!! It is beautiful and so vintage!! I love it and you will look more beautiful riding it :)

    Te quiero mucho xoxo

  7. Congratulations! Hope you have fun learning to ride.

  8. this makes me so happy for you! riding a bike will make you feel so free! nothing like the wind in your hair and the sun on your skin, and knowing you're getting a fun work out in, too ;)

  9. This is so exciting Claudia! Your kids are going to love having you along for bike rides!!! ~Val


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