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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Baby shower.

We went to a Baby shower in Santa Fe Springs, CA yesterday.
My husband's cousin is having a baby a baby boy in three weeks.

 We put up a pair of nice shoes, and I finally got 
to wear a dress!

I hate pictures of me, but I told Sophia to snap a 
picture of me when I wasn't looking!

 We had lots good food, they had a taco catering service
I apologize for not taking a picture I was too busy eating!

 ...and good desserts too!

 The kids had fun playing, with their cousins

Xavi found a pretty girl he liked.  
This is Jacqui another cousin of my husband
 Xavi asked us when do I get to met her?
He blushed when when went and asked for a picture!
but he gave her a tight hug.
and didn't want to leave without saying goodbye to her.

You know every Baby Shower has games!  like guess the price
me and Sophia didn't have much luck in that!

Another contest was drinking the baby bottle!  full of beer!!  
My husband didn't win his excuse was cheap hot beer!

That was our fun for this Saturday, 
today we will just relax at home!
Hope your having fun on your weekend!


  1. What a beautiful shower. I like your picture!! Your son is too cute!! Have a great Sunday!!

  2. Thank you lady dazy! Good Sunday to you too!

  3. OH MY!.. Have Xavi felt in love? :))) But, Claudia, THAT pile of fruits made me to wish to jump into it! What an fresh and tasty feeling!!! Yummy!!!

  4. yes siga! that fruit was yummy delicious and my Xavi falling in love that is too soon for me!!!

  5. I hate pictures of me, too. :) Sophia did a great job, though!


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