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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

City of Hemet

We moved to the city of Hemet a year and three months ago,  1 1/2 hour drive from San Diego where we lived.  We are now homeowners which was our purpose, and my husband drives back and forth to work there.  We drive to San Diego mostly every Friday after school visit my mom and my father in law spend Friday afternoon and Saturday and drive back home on Saturday afternoon.  What I miss the most of course is seeing my mom and my sister everyday (my sister also moved from San Diego and she is 1 hour away from where I live). I also miss San Diego's warm summers and mild winters.  Hemet averages 110 + degrees during the summers and 40 degrees during winters.  We do not get any snow here in Hemet but the San Jacinto Mountains get some, only thirty minutes away from us.  We  had a rainy weekend and the mountains got their first snow of the season.  Something we were not used to seeing.

These are the San Jacinto Mountains, I am a bit bummed because there's a lot of clouds and can't really see the small amount of snow that I wanted to show you, like I said we're not used to snow!

I felt like doing a bit of research on my new town and share with you:  
Hemet is a city in the San Jacinto Valley in Riverside County CA. It covers a total area of 27.1 square miles (70 km2), about half of the valley,  In 2009 the city's population was estimated to be 74,361 add 5 more people because we were now counted in this past 2010 Census.   The valley is also known for being an area of agriculture, which has given way to more urbanized development as time goes on. The area has also experienced great growth recently, and is a fast growing area of the Inland Empire (This info taken from  Wikipedia)

This is Downtown Hemet where most of my thrift shops are located.

The Hemet Museum is housed in the historic Hemet Train Depot right in the center of town.

Cawston Elementary School, Sophia's school and Xavi better get ready because he's going to Kindergarden next year! 

This is our Public Library and this year celebrated its 100th Anniversary

We have a nearby lake where we have already gone fishing, several museums that we still need to visit, enough thrift shops so I can spend time there, The Ramona Bowl Amphitheater, a Science Center.  I do have to admit this research did good to me! :)  I just found out when and where the Farmer's market takes place!

I am so thankful that we now have a place of our own in this City of Hemet, and that I have a great husband that works the hardest in order to provide for our family.  And I am so looking forward to getting together with my family on this Thanksgiving.

What are you thankful for?  Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Ha! It is so funny that you post this today precisely it was a sign I tell you. I wad wondering about where you lived when I was writing out the address on the package and after I mailed it I come home to read this. Wow! Those San Jacinto Mountains Breathtaking! Tan bello it takes me back to Mexico - I LOVE traveling around Mexico and seeing such beautiful views ; ) And I was even more excited to show Miguelito and he LOVED it! You are very lucky amiga! I'm so happy for you to be living out your dreams of being a homeowner - You go Girl! You live in a very beautiful place LOVED looking at all the pictures and showing Miguelito. Cuidate amiga y un abrazote muy fuerte ; ) xoxo Kary

  2. Ah! what a coinquidy no! So happy you liked the City we are very happy here, not too far from our loved ones! I am so excited about the happy mail, we leave tomorrow and won't come back until Saturday. Happy Thanksgiving Kary! Te mando mucho amor!


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