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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Early Bird

One of my facts that I've stated before it's that  I am an early bird...very early bird really I am up everyday at 4:00 am when my husband leaves for work.
I start my routine, check my emails, Facebook, blog, tweet a bit  you might even think I am crazy if you see me tracing and cutting my envelopes and working on special orders at 4:00 in the morning all of this while I am doing laundry ah!  At 6:00 am I get the kids up make breakfast and we are out the door by 7:20
When the girls are dropped off Schools starts at 7:50 Me and Xavi are off to grocery shopping, maybe Walmart or Target, maybe a thrift shop or two, the Post Office...We get back to the house and I am not done, there is always something else to do...

And who says house work is not a full time job?? 24/7 I tell them

NOTE:  Of course I am the bird outside the cage.


  1. A mom never stops working : D

    You work 24 hours a day! Why? Because your a mom, You are a cook, a cleaner, a parent, a teacher, a referee, a nanny, a nurse, a handyman, a maid, security, and a comforter.
    You don't get holidays, sick pay, or a day off.
    You work through the day and some of the night, on call at all hours.
    You are... underpaid and overworked.

    Found this and thought this is so true : D

    Cuidate Clau y que Dios te bendiga porque un hogar sin su reina se viene abajo!!

    Kary xoxo

  2. Kary, that is so beautiful and true! Thanks for lo de reina you make me feel good...and that referee stuff so true!

    Como Jesus les dijo a sus discipulos:
    Marcos 9:19 Y respondio el y les dijo: Oh generacion incredula! Hasta cuando estare con vosotros? Hasta cuando los he de soportar? Traedmelo.

    Just like Jesus told his disciples:
    Mark 9:19 He answereth him, and saith, O faithless generation, how long shall I be with you? how long shall I suffer you? bring him unto me.

    I like this Bible verse! Maybe I shouldn't joke with that!

    Cuidate Kary! XOXO

  3. Claudia, i can't believe it! I'm so the opposite-- a night owl ;)

    i wish i was more of a morning person... incredible.



  4. Oh Micaela I wish I could sleep in at times but I can't I'm up at 6:00am on Sundays...One day ;)


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