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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Postal Service

So we left last Wednesday, destination: San Diego, Holiday: Thanksgiving.  We had a great time, cooking chatting, eating with family.  Great family news also, my sister is engaged!  My cousin and his girlfriend are expecting their first baby!  I come back home and Happy Mail is waiting in the mail box!!  What could be better??  Great looking box nicely wrapped from my lovely friend Kary and her son Miguelito

The box was addressed to Claudia but my little one was anxious to open it!  This was really a Christmas Kickoff we cannot thank you enough Kary and Miguelito.  I would like to share some of the pictures of that special moment!

Isn't that a great looking box?  Xavi had shed some tears because he had been wanting to open it but we had to unpack first :(  oh and he got a haircut!

Inside there was a lovely letter from Kary and individual packages for each one of us! All of the items were very nice and we already put them to use...chocolates, candies, pencils, coloring books & crayons,  toys, notepad, a lovely purse for Sophia, body spritz and lip gloss, Christmas socks and pedicure set for me and a bracelet!  Oh my! how thoughtful of  Kary and her son!

The moment of surprise, Xavi loved everything he received!

Sophia loved her body spritz and her purse (I am jealous!) she said she will carry it wherever she goes!

The kids said I should be in the pictures so here I am me and Xavi sharing a bite of the chocolate!

Warm comfy Christmas socks!  I wore them last night to bed!

Now I hate pictures of me but this one is for you Kary!  My sister straightened my hair so I have to show off!

We cannot thank you enough Kary and Miguelito we loved everything you sent on that special package and you made it feel like Christmas...beware because I have your address now!

On a last note I also got a couple of cards from a fellow etsian.  She is an architect living in Germany and I put one of her items in a Treasury she was nice enough to write me a lovely letter and sent me two of her cute cards!.  This is her shop 7WOOD.  Thank you very much 7WOOD.  Happy Holydays!

Isn't that nice for Postal Service.  Thank you all I send you much love!


  1. Pobre Xavi que tuvo que esperar ; ( Tell him I love his haircut and he looks very handsome ; ) I'm so happy you guys loved everything it was sent with lots of love ; ) I LOVE all the pictures and don't be camera shy your beautiful ; ) and your hair looks good! Big hugs your way. Kary xoxo

  2. Thank you again Kary! I wish my hair could stay straight forever! me siento sonada!! lots of hugs!

  3. What a wonderful Thankgiving! It is so great when your family is happy and doing well.

    The package from Kary and Miguelito was fun! It's simple little things that can bring a lot of joy!

  4. Wonderful Thanksgiving indeed Miss Val! And all those goodies just made it more fun!

  5. awww this filled my heart with so much happiness!!! congrats to the blessings in your family. I will never forget the magical moment of my engagement... or now the happiest day of my life- my recent wedding! :) let me tell you claudia, i am NOT good at keeping secrets EVER, it's amazing i kept my wedding one. :) ha! THANK YOU sweet friend for your kind words. xoxo

    isn't kary the best? her and precious miguelito are so very thoughtful, always. i adore the friendship you two have formed. it's a beautiful thing! (also so sweet of etsy talent to support each other- cheers for happy mail!)

    speaking of beauty, i'm so glad you showed beautiful you in these photos too :)

  6. Thank you Dear Micaela! Wedding bliss how beautiful!

  7. speaking of happy mail... i got your gorgeous surprise on a day i truly needed one: LONG cold shift at work and thanks to you, you made my day! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! you are darling!!! truly truly truly xoxoxoxoxo!

  8. Aww you make me happy too! xoxo Dear Micaela!


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