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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Seasons Change Week 10

Season:  one of the four periods of the year (spring, summer, autumn, and winter), beginning astronomically at an equinox or solstice, but geographically at different dates in different climates.

Every morning on our way to my daughters school  we go past a ranch with a long row of big trees that surely change with the seasons but we hardly notice.  My kids and I have decided to embark on a project that will help us notice that gradual change on the trees.  My daughter Sophia  will take at least a weekly picture after school for a whole year, I will post it on my blog entry on Fridays and my little one Xavi wants in it too so he will take a picture of some cows from a different ranch and improve his picture taking skills.

Every time more yellow shows on these trees!  Pictures taken on 11-9-10  Also leaves are falling off... Autumn is finally showing!

The cows were way back this time!  The kids get all excited when we actually get out of the car in order to take the picture!  they love posing! But it does says private property and no trespassing! I am actually a chicken and think they're going to let those cows loose for us! hurry hurry!!!

Sophia is showing us here how to milk the cows!  Xavi and his Ninja moves!

Posted this on Thursday because tomorrow morning we are going to San Diego and then we'll cross the border to Tijuana and then I will have some carne asada tacos!!! yes!

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  1. I LOVED this post!!!! I can imagine you hurrying them up - apurense muchahchitos apurense hay vienen las vacas....
    Is Xavi the kind to wear costumes at home?

    Miguelito has school tomorrow that's not fair!!! Why couldn't it have been a four day weekend
    bah - humbug...

    To Tijuana tomorrow to eat some taquitos...Yummy que rico y de carne asada. Mandame unos de cecina!!!
    Yay! that means you get to see your mami?

    Have lots of fun Love with all of your family...

    Muchos besitos para Xavi... and Hellos to Sophia she's Beautiful : D

    Have a great fun weekend Clau...
    Kary xoxoxo

  2. OMG Kary he wears them day and night! I make him get out of his pjs in the morning when we take the girls to school only to come back at home to change into a super hero! He's been a ninja lately!!!

    Yes! I see my mom tomorrow she actually lives in San Diego. Every Friday after school we drive there and we spend the night at my mom's and drive back home on Saturdays. But tomorrow no school so we will cross to Tijuna and yes tacos de asada, cabeza alli voy!!

    Have a nice weekend as well!

  3. this is so cute, love his little ninja moves!


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