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Saturday, November 20, 2010

I did it...yes!!

I can't really believe I did it...I am so computer naive, really!  I found this great tutorial by The Curious Pug on how to make a blog button without a software program and decided to give it a try ...great tutorial I say yes, but it took me half a day to finally do it.  Lots of mistakes,  frustrations, errors, resizing...but I am so proud of myself I DID IT!!!

My poor son Xavi has been eating cookies and ice cream all morning and has been mothered by his 8 year old sister...I asked her too...what the heck it's Saturday right and now I feel like I accomplished something good.  Just don't ask me to do it again!!

Here are my blog buttons:


  1. yay! i'm glad you were able to do it! cute buttons :)

  2. Those are cute buttons. And there's nothing like the sense of accomplishment!

    I have to say--eating cookies and ice cream all morning sound like a pretty good Saturday to me. I bet Xavi wasn't complaining. LOL

  3. Thank you Medical Librarian! He sure wasn't complaining! lol!

  4. Your buttons are so cute! I haven't tried this myself yet. I'm not too great with the computer either!

  5. Thank you Miss Val! After a long frustrating time I finally did it, it's a great feeling!


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