Monday, November 8, 2010

Shoreline Fishing Adventure

Yesterday we went shoreline fishing on a nearby lake called Diamond Valley Lake only 10 minutes away from us.  To be honest this is my second time gone fishing with my husband and this is the also the kids first time.  My husband wanted to bond with his son you know man to man show him the skills...but us girls tagged along!  We had a picnic and had a wonderful time.  It so happened that Xavi wasn't much into fishing he enjoyed his time throwing rocks at the lake he said at one point "this is boring but I like it".  Sophia had the greatest time and she did like fishing even made her dad promise her that we'd be back! 

Great Sunday well spent!  I want to do it again!


  1. What a great Sunday Clau!!! I would have loved to tag along, I've never gone fishing and would love to go someday - Miguelito also ; D Love all the pics especially the one of your boys ; D and love your hat - you look beautiful ; D xoxo Kary

  2. What a great way to have family time! I love the quote "this is boring but I like it". It will be a memory he will cherish later in life and he may forget the "boring" aspect!

  3. Thank you Kary and Miss Val, we sure had a great relaxing time! Looking forward to doing it again!


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