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Monday, November 1, 2010

Some more facts about me

Print by ArtBy Anima

1.  I easily forgive
2.  I hardly forget
3.  I don't like my curls
4.  I like my lips
5.  My favorite numbers are 3, 6 and 9


  1. Lol- I never forget - which is bad! Es como dicen siempre se acuerda de lo malo que le hicieron y no lo bueno : (
    I also forgive easily - I'm a sucker what can I say.
    I love my lips - sexy - Muah!!!
    My favorite number is 7 : )

    Love that I get to know you better dulce amiga : ) xoxoxo

  2. I get to know you too Kary! Muchas similaridades! Have a good week? HAve you started working yet??

  3. i love these things!!! and just so you know, i love your curls.

    my favorite number has always been 13

    i used to hate my muscular legs

    i don't so much because they look pretty good in heels ;)

  4. Thank you Dear Micaela! We have to make the best of it ah??


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